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Bachata maybe one of the most romantic Latin dances. This is a good dance for couples to learn together, although you do not have to be a couple to dance the bachata. The bachata, a popular form of guitar music, … Continue reading

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The Merengue is one of the easiest Latin dances, so easy that even a dog can do it. Click Here to watch. A debate revolves around the origins of this dance. While the music links to Cuba, the dance belongs … Continue reading

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Salsa music and dance can be anywhere from sweet and poppy to fast and athletic to smooth and sensual depending on the beat. Given this wide range of emotion, the salsa fit almost any mood and place. Moreover, salsa lessons … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog on Latin American dances and their history! After watching the first “Dirty Dancing” movie for years and then the second “Dirty Dancing: Havanna Nights” when I was fourteen, I fell in love with Latin American dance. … Continue reading

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