Paso Doble

Elegant and filled with fierce emotion, the Paso Doble resembles the foot work and movements of Bull fighting, another Spanish tradition. In this case, the man is the matador and the woman is the red handkerchief waved in front of the bull.

Stemming from the ritual of the matador’s entry into the bullfighting ring in the 18th century, the Paso Dobe, meaning two step, originated in Spain. The two-step name resembles the 1-2 marching step within the dance. In Southern France, these bullfighting steps were interpreted into dance and music aspects in the early 1900s. Around 1920, the bullfighting phenomenon was coregraphed into a dance. During that time, it was limited to the upperclasses and popular mostly in Paris.

Today, the Paso Doble appears to be reserved only for professional dancers and dance competitions.

As this is a highly choreographed dance, I do not have any basic step or how-to video to offer. To learn the Paso Doble, you may want to check out dance classes in your local area. However, what I do have is some neat videos of two professional dance couples. Maybe, after watching these guys, you can decide if you would like to look up those classes I was talking about.

To see the first very technical couple, click here.

To see the next couple, my favorite, who particularly master the emotion of the dance, click here!

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