La Cueca

La Cueca is the national dance and folklore of Chile. This dance mimics the courtship of a chicken and rooster. The handkerchiefs you can see to the right symbolize feathers.

Danced for years, la Cueca is influence by both African and indigenous cultures. As you can see, the outfits are thus traditional Chilean outfits. Declared the official dance of Chile in September 1979, you can see la Cueca danced on Chile’s Independence Day.

La Cueca is danced in a circle. The woman has her half of the circle and the man has his. They then dance around each other in half circles or making a full circle. The hankerchiefs are twirled above the head at various moments throughout the dance.

To see the Chilean national champions of 2008 dance La Cueca, check out this video.

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3 Responses to La Cueca

  1. megan says:

    i like the skirts.

  2. hin says:

    very good

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