Intensive and a workout, the Capoeira can be considered a dance or martial arts, depending on who you talk to.  I believe its an art form, rhythmic, and, thus, a dance. Therefore, I have added it in my blog post for today.

The Capoeira dates back to the colonial period in Brazil. People brought from Angola, Congo, and Mozambique to Brazil by the slave trade created a martial art they needed to survive. They hid their martial art and traditions ina dance form, Capoeira. They used this dance to resist repression  and survival of their culture.

In 1892, Capoeira was associated with crime and was outlawed. Those caught practicing the dance were punished by cutting the tendons of their back feet. Capoeira’s banishment wasn’t lifted until 1918.

In 1937, Mestre Bimba recieved permission from President Getulio Varga to start the first Capoeira school, and the Capoeira became recognized as a national sport.

Capoeira moves are definitely “don’t-try-at-home” moves. It involves acrobatics, other people, and potential brutal kicking and punching motions. But, it’s a great workout! And, with the right training in a dance class setting, anyone can do the Capoeira…believe it or not.

To see the dance performed, check out this video!

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6 Responses to Capoeira

  1. malia says:

    ok my name is keely and iloveyoou kc

  2. simon alega says:

    would like some one 2 teach me the art of capoeira

  3. manzi waterz says:

    hey where r u

  4. james says:

    capoeira is the best

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